Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program- CATEGORY: scholarship 

United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) and Mastercard Foundation offer a scholarship program. 

Application due: typically November

Finalists selected for interviews: January

Selection decisions made: February

Eligibility: Secondary school completion (does not need to be KCSE), identification, recommendation

Scholarship search for refugees

This platform helps you to find accredited higher education academic or scholarship programmes verified by UNHCR to allow you to pursue advanced study, skills and professional development. You can search by country, degree type, language, and field of study.

Resilience Action

Resilience Action is a grassroots organization started and run by refugees! We are empowering the refugee youth to fulfill their potential and enable them to transform their lives by providing adult education, economic empowerment, and reproductive health services. Resilience Action (formerly SAVIC) was founded in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2010, and is registered as an NGO in Kenya.

For more information, contact Resilience Action here.

Everyone is Welcome.

The goal for this page is that discussions will be inclusive (everyone is welcome), so that all youth can learn about, and take advantage of, available opportunities in Kakuma.

This site is NOT maintained by UNHCR or donors active in Kakuma.

This is a site created by Kakuma youth, for Kakuma youth. Information on this page is only as accurate as you make it!

Please post updates, additional opportunities, and reflections on your experiences. Also post any questions you have related to lifelong learning in Kakuma, as we are hoping this community will grow and become a space to share advice and information. We kindly request that you do not engage in chatting that is not beneficial to the youth.

Seeking opportunities

Prepared by Kakuma Youth Research Group

Visit the opportunity feed on our site! We strive to keep opportunities updated, so please let us know when changes are needed and new learning opportunities arise so we can share them more widely.

Look for advertisements on notice boards around the camp. Look often and look at various boards, as sometimes different opportunities are posted in particular places. (e.g., community boards, organization boards). You may want to find someone else in Kakuma who can help you check on various boards so that you can share information.

Share opportunities with others. We all benefit from sharing information and connecting individual youths with opportunities. If you know someone searching for a learning or work opportunity, point them to the announcement and tell them why you think they would be a strong applicant.

Post and share your experiences with various learning, training, and work opportunities.

Return to notice boards for shortlisting announcements. Sometimes shortlists will be posted on the same notice board. You may or may not be called for an interview.

Ask friends and community members for help identifying opportunities. Tell them you are searching for a job or training. Reach out in particular to those working at the organization where you are aiming to apply.

The process varies, but usually jobs and trainings go through various stages:
1. Open call for applications is posted.
2. You apply with a letter of interest.
3. Shortlist candidates are posted/ called.
4. Interview.
5. Possibly a second round of shortlisted candidates and/or interviews.
6. Selection.

Don’t expect for the opportunity to come to you—you must actively search!

Ask about volunteer opportunities, even when an organization is not hiring or offering a formal course. This can be a great way to get to know the work and community within an organization. All experiences are learning opportunities!

Keep trying. Don’t give up! Opportunities in Kakuma are competitive.

Know your rights. Opportunities and jobs in Kakuma are free.

Writing a CV

Prepared by Kakuma Youth Research Group

Knowing how to write a CV is not a task you should take lightly because this is what will determine whether or not you get a job. In this article check out how to go about writing a CV for internships.
Original post can be accessed thru Career Point Kenya »

1. Demonstrate Interest
You can demonstrate interest in the company or industry by highlighting the experiences you have gained through part time work, voluntary work or relevant personal hobbies. Of course these skills should be relevant to the internship position you are applying for.

2. Highlight Your Ability To Work In A Team
As an intern, you will most likely be expected to work in a team so when it comes to how to write a CV for internship in Kenya, you need to show that you can do this. This can be done by showing your ability to work as a team through group projects in university or during your industrial attachment.

Sample CV For An Internship In Kenya

Martha The Job Seeker
P. O. Box 715 – 00100, Nairobi
Tel: 0725

Profile Summary

A dedicated Accounting Professional with a Bachelors degree in accounting option from XYZ University. I have gained knowledge in preparing financial reports, accounting and financial management standards, preparing accurate and timely reports and general ledger operations. I am seeking an internship with a well respected firm where my accounting knowledge will be utilized. I am committed to developing my career path as an Accountant and to expand on my work experience.

Key Skills & Competencies

  • Detail-oriented, efficient and outstanding knowledge in accounting systems and procedures
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought out decisions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good time-management skills with strong organizational capabilities.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex financial data

Educational & Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Part II, ABC, April 2015
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting option), XYZ, 2014
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, Name of School, 2010

Professional Experience

Accounting Assistant, Mwea Consulting Limited January 2016– Present

  • Duties & Responsibilities
    • Preparing reports and organizing clients’ information as well as ensuring reconciliations are done correctly and stayed within budgets by staff
    • Implementing procedures, risk management and internal control
    • Entering client data into the tax computer software as Well As On Other Clerical duties
    • Preparing and mailing confirmations of the balances owed by the client’s customers, observing the physical inventory count
    • Help with bank statements reconciliation, as well as accounts payable and receivable
    • Maintain an organized and well documented and sequential filing system for all payment and petty cash vouchers
  • Key Achievements
    • Proved to be one of the top employees who submitted reports on time
    • Achieved an appreciation certificate for ‘Excellent Customer Service’ while working with the company’s finance team

Data Entry Assistant, Akiba Microfinance Institution- July 2014 to October 2014

  • Duties And Responsibilities
    • Entering data information in the Computer hence keeping a record on all individual debtors
    • Providing detailed interpretation of analysis in the analysis report which may include presenting finding in graphs, charts, tables etc
    • Assist in the timely compilation, aggregation and generation of weekly, monthly and quarterly data reports
    • Maintain safe custody of all program data including a system of filing copies of query reports as well as other activity reports
  • Interests And Hobbies
    • Volunteering at social events, writing and Traveling


Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic and performance

  1. Name, Title, Contact address & email
  2. Name, Title, Contact information
  3. Name, Title, Contact.

InZone Learning Hub – Kakuma

The InZone Learning Hub is located in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Equipped with 10 learning stations and 10 Raspberry Pi CEED laptops, the solar-powered hub supports virtual and blended learning for a wide range of formal and non-formal higher education courses. The lab is open six days a week, is refugee-run, and is also home to the InZone MOOCs4Peace Center

Certificate courses in human rights, children’s rights, ethics, and global history are offered online/ distance learning, through Geneva University
Requirement: Secondary school completion (does not need to be KCSE), English language communication skills.
Duration: 2-3 months ; Deadline: varies

Certificate courses for humanitarian interpreters are available through Geneva University & Kenyatta University (basic, advanced training)
Requirement: Employment as an interpreter at UNHCR
Duration: 2 terms; Deadline: varies

Windle Trust Kenya (WTK)

Windle Trust International (WTK) is dedicated to increasing access to and improving the quality of education.  Reflecting our values we work across the breadth of the education sector from primary schools to the tertiary sector. Our commitment is to work with communities in all their diversity – girls and boys, refugees and citizens, teachers and school management committees.

Contact Information:
If you are a resident or refugee in Kenya, please contact the Windle International Kenya office at
No. 10 Amboseli, Gitanga Road
P.O.Box 40521-00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya

Albert Einstein Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI)

Covers tuition, school fees, and living allowances for degree programs at Kenyan universities.

  • Targeted fields of study: Business Administration/commerce; Communication and Journalism; Education; Environmental Studies; Health; Information Technology; Law; Nutrition; Social/community work; Water Engineering.
  • Requirement: Valid GoK and UNHCR documentation. Age 28 or below. You cannot be in the immediate resettlement process.
  • Academic requirements: Degree: minimum grade of KCSE B- (males), C+ (females); Diploma: minimum grade of KCSE C+ (males), C (females), or equivalent qualifications.
  • Duration: 2-5 years depending on course; Deadline: Usually June/July

World University Service Canada (WUSC)

University scholarships (degree programs) and resettlement opportunities in Canada

  • Requirement: Valid GoK and UNHCR documentation. Age 17-25. Single/ unmarried.
  • Academic requirements: KCSE B+(males), B- (females)
  • Duration: 4-year degree program; Deadline:
  • Usually March/April

DD Puri Foundation Education Scholarships Diploma programs in Kenya.

  • Targeted fields of study: Community health nursing, Water engineering, information technology/ business information technology.
  • Requirement: Valid GoK and UNHCR documentation. Age 30 or below.
  • Academic requirements: KCSE C Plain and above; C plain and above in the following subjects: English/ Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry; demonstrated dedication in community service
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 years  depending on diploma or course;Deadline: Determined by start of scholarship selection process

CPA/ ACCA courses through Strathmore University (Kenya)

  • Requirement: Valid GoK and UNHCR Documentation; National ID for Kenyans. Below 30 years.
  • Academic requirements: KCSE C+ Plus and above; English C+; Mathematics C+
  • Duration: Minimum 1 and half years
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