• Connecting Kakuma youth to lifelong learning opportunities

    This website aims to provide information and resources on accessing educational, training, and work opportunities in and near Kakuma. The resources here are primarily designed for young people who have completed secondary school, though others may also find them useful. This site is also intended as a youth support network. This site is NOT maintained by UNHCR or donors active in Kakuma.

Kakuma Youth Research Group

Kakuma Youth Research Group is dedicated to sharing information and connecting young people in Kakuma and beyond to one another and to lifelong learning opportunities.

Youth Voices of Kakuma

A community initiative created by Kakuma youth, to give a voice to young refugees, share information, and showcase youth talents.

Connect and collaborate

Do you have an opportunity to share, information to correct, or a question about an opportunity?

Everyone is Welcome.

The goal for this page is that discussions will be inclusive (everyone is welcome), so that all youth can learn about, and take advantage of, available opportunities in Kakuma.

This site is NOT maintained by UNHCR or donors active in Kakuma.

This is a site created by Kakuma youth, for Kakuma youth. Information on this page is only as accurate as you make it!

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