Youth Voices of Kakuma

Youth Voices of Kakuma” is a registered community initiative media house created by
young refugees in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya).

It comprises of refugee youths who believe in creativity, innovation and home grown potential of youths in the Refugee camp. Our objective is to promote use of media platforms to give a voice to young refugees, sharing of information and showcase the talents available in Kakuma and become a source of livelihood for young people.

YVK have vast experience in covering events touching the lives of refugees and achieves this in
collaboration with Partners implementing humanitarian assistance in Kakuma refugee Camp and


  • Create an online platform by and for young refugees to share information on their lives,
    education, work opportunities, youth events and activities, and others to reduce the critical
    information gaps in Kakuma.
  • Training and empowering youths by introducing them into the world of freelancing for self-reliance.
  • Building a platform that would connect youths across Africa to freely share their stories, talents
    and experiences.
  •  Use social medias to show the outside world a positive image of young refugees by documenting
    their talents, initiatives and activities in the camp.
  •  Give a voice to talented young refugees and host communities and hopefully be noticed by
    potential sponsors or organizations to develop their career/education further
  •  Advocate for youth program by raising awareness on the issues affecting the young refugees in
    and documenting their initiatives to address the issues
  •  Create a communication bridge between refugee youths and humanitarian agencies active in

Our vision

  • Continuous development and improvement of our social media accounts to tell the human story of refugee youth
  • Develop a website that can be used to upload refugee youths work and showcase it.
  • Become a communication partner to humanitarian organizations to share information with the refugee youths on services, refugee life and opportunities to reduce information gaps.


Media production is the key focus of YVK since it combines a wide range of expertise and promotes creativity, our major objective is to Introduce youths into freelancing and entrepreneurship to enable them be self-reliance, However, our activities are but not limited to :

  • Online TV program
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Livestream
  • Computer classes
  • Media classes

NB: Contact us for more details on our rates

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Tel: +254796672819

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