About us

Kakuma Youth Opportunity for Long Learning ( KYOLL) is a project based in Kakuma, through a partnership between Youth Voices of Kakuma and the Kakuma Youth Research Group, led by Dr. Michelle Bellino at University of Michigan.

Our Mission

  • Ensure that young people have access to accurate and up-to-date information about opportunities available in Kakuma
  • Promote goal-setting as young people envision and plan for their futures
  • Strengthen connections among Kakuma youth across diverse identity groups
  • Empower Kakuma youth to become lifelong learners, during and after completing school

Our History

Education is a key element in the lives of young men and women globally. In situations of
emergency, access to quality education faces various challenges due to limited opportunities and partly due to gaps in information dissemination. Youth Voices of Kakuma (YVK) partnered with Michelle Bellino and the findings of the KYRG to address gaps in regards to information on available opportunities for learning, training, and other life skills.

Our Vision

  • Becoming a communication bridge between learners and service providers
  • Supporting young people as they set goals and seek opportunities
  • Documenting stories and amplifying the voices of Kakuma youth
  • Being a reliable and trustworthy source of information between refugees and service providers

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