About us

Kakuma Youth Opportunity for Long Learning ( KYOLL) is a research project based in Kakuma through partnership of University of Michigan and Youth Voices of Kakuma that links learners and opportunities available in/outside Kakuma.

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to equip F4 learners with information they need after school
  • seeking and offering opportunities to young refugees
  • creating a website that will link opportunities with learners in Kakuma

Our History

Education is a key element in the lives of young men and women globally. In situations of
emergency, access to quality education faces various challenges due to limited
opportunities and partly due to gaps in information dissemination. Transition from
secondary education to tertiary institutions grapples with these challenges. Youth Voices of
Kakuma (YVK) partnered with University of Michigan through Michelle Belino in an
attempt to address some gaps in regards to information on available opportunities in
education and other life skills.
During the initial phase of the proposed project, YVK with support from Michelle and
University of Michigan intend to conduct a research study within the camp. The research
will focus on their hopes after school, ambition and fears. The study group involved will
mainly comprise of learners in their final year of high school.


  • becoming the communication bridge between learners and service providers
  • giving hope to youth who are almost giving up in their education life by availing opportunities to them
  • being opportunity seekers for refugee learners
  • creating success stories within refugees and amplifying their voices
  • being a reliable and trustworthy source of information between refugees and service providers

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