Seeking opportunities

Prepared by Kakuma Youth Research Group

Visit the opportunity feed on our site! We strive to keep opportunities updated, so please let us know when changes are needed and new learning opportunities arise so we can share them more widely.

Look for advertisements on notice boards around the camp. Look often and look at various boards, as sometimes different opportunities are posted in particular places. (e.g., community boards, organization boards). You may want to find someone else in Kakuma who can help you check on various boards so that you can share information.

Share opportunities with others. We all benefit from sharing information and connecting individual youths with opportunities. If you know someone searching for a learning or work opportunity, point them to the announcement and tell them why you think they would be a strong applicant.

Post and share your experiences with various learning, training, and work opportunities.

Return to notice boards for shortlisting announcements. Sometimes shortlists will be posted on the same notice board. You may or may not be called for an interview.

Ask friends and community members for help identifying opportunities. Tell them you are searching for a job or training. Reach out in particular to those working at the organization where you are aiming to apply.

The process varies, but usually jobs and trainings go through various stages:
1. Open call for applications is posted.
2. You apply with a letter of interest.
3. Shortlist candidates are posted/ called.
4. Interview.
5. Possibly a second round of shortlisted candidates and/or interviews.
6. Selection.

Don’t expect for the opportunity to come to you—you must actively search!

Ask about volunteer opportunities, even when an organization is not hiring or offering a formal course. This can be a great way to get to know the work and community within an organization. All experiences are learning opportunities!

Keep trying. Don’t give up! Opportunities in Kakuma are competitive.

Know your rights. Opportunities and jobs in Kakuma are free.

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